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Welcom to RAKUDANE!!
Using thumbs and forearms,work on acupressure point and deep muscle
If you're tired,stressed,jet-lagged or have aching muscles let us help you to relax.


relaxation salon Rakudane 


Japanese shiatu (Without oil)
Ideal for those who prefer firm strokes and trigger point work, on your back, neck, shoulders,and so on.
This traditional therapy would help to reduce stress, ease and stretch muscles and re-promote energy flow.
Therapist will accommodate your preferred decree of intensity. 

(Treatment over your own clothes.)

30min      3,000yen (plus tax)
60min    6,000yen (plus tax)
90min    9,000yen (plus tax)

 extended charge 10min - 1,000yen(plus tax)

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◆Aroma massage therapy (Oil massage therapy)
Our most popular therapy method using oil (Blended essential oils).
Medium pressure helps to reduce stress levels and promote circulation and relaxation.
(Disposable underwear is provided upon request.)

30min       3,500yen (plus tax)
60min       7,000yen (plus tax)
90min     10,000yen (plus tax)

 extended charge 10min - 1,200yen(plus tax)

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◆Facial (Using JOJOBA oil)
Revitalizing decolletage and facial treatment using JOJOBA oil that bring back your skin's moisture.
Experienced therapist offers gentle touch, which would encourage a deep healing and restful sleep.
Ideal for those who suffers from headache, fatigue of eyes and stressed muscles.

40min       4,700yen (plus tax) ※Decolletage treatment is not included
60min       7,000yen (plus tax)

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◆Foot (Using cream)
Recommended for those who wish to soothe aching muscles and an exhausted mind from a busy day.
Using thumbs and forearms to work on acupressure point and inner muscles.

30min       3,500yen (plus tax)

60min       7,000yen (plus tax)

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◆Hours: Mon-Sat         11am-20pm  
             Sun&Holidays   11am-18pm

◆Payment: Cash(Japanese yen) , Credit Cards Accepted

◆Contact: 075-231-5612
◆Address: Komusubidana-cho,Shijo-agaru,Shinmachi-dori,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto-city,Kyoto,604-8223,Japan

relaxation salon Rakuchin(Hotel Mystays kyoto shijo 2F)

Our sister salon "RAKUCHIN"
3min on foot!
Open until midnight!!

Rakuchin English Page ⇒ http://www.kyusoku-jikan.com/english.html


Subway : Shijo station
Hankyu : Karasuma station
3min on foot from Exit 24